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Need specific components or processes?  We represent manufacturers that have a wealth of experience. Whether the design is already complete, or if suggestions are needed, we are ready to help.  Please contact us at any time.  We are here to make your life easier!

One of the most used and versatile components.  We specialize in fine and ultra fine wire diameters as well as unique alloy types and shapes. From quick prototypes to large quantity production, for the Medical, Electronics, Aerospace and Military Industry or any market needing the perfect custom wire component.  ISO Certified and ITAR Registered. 

Laser cutting tubes, with holes, slots, spiral patterns and more.  Clean edges, and extremely accurate.

Custom catheters that require a lubricious and chemical-resistant inner layer, PTFE etched liners can be provided in cut length or over wire, providing the foundation to build simple or complex catheter bodies upon. Our inline etching process ensures outer jackets bond readily to the liner, eliminating delamination issues.

Coiling, Forming, Braiding, Shape Setting, Welding, Grinding, Surface Treatments, Assembly and more.

Custom medical device manufacturing with a specialization in ePTFE Sintering, RF welding, Ultrasonic Welding. We provide tailored product development and manufacturing solutions for customers seeking to get their product to market.

Solid or cannulated, we make the needles the medical device industry requires.  Curved suture needles, port cannulas, implantation systems, skin punches, curettes, spinal cannulas, and much more.  We are experts in all the critical aspects of needle making.

Design, development, management, and validation of your medical device packaging and kitting needs. We can take existing components and package them in a pre-determined manner, or develop packaging from the ground up (design, materials, graphics). This includes anything from Class 1 to Class 3 devices.

We manufacture medical balloons, particularly the most challenging designs. We have deep knowledge working with PEBAX and Nylon, Urethanes (compliant, soft and hard 70A to 60D) and PET (semi and non-compliant) as well as all sorts of blends.

Many micro components are laser welded together to produce a subassembly.  Often times, it is laser welding of micro wire components. We work with our customers to find ways of combining these pieces together to save time and money by eliminating other operations and reduce incoming inspections at their facilities.

Services include but are not limited to: MillingTurning, and Micro Machining, and Swiss Machining for your most precise and intricate medical device components. Our Quality System is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

Precision metal stampings, washers, spacers and shims. Custom stamping capabilities covers a complete range of sizes up to 12"x12" (flat) with thicknesses from .005" to .134" and deep draws of up to 3" deep and 8" in diameter; AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008

Trio Labs Proprietary Resin Infused Powder Lithography (RIPL) process. This innovative technology enables high precision, 99% dense metal parts at prototype or high volumes. This unique process stands out for its ability to produce parts with unmatched precision, speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality, using well known MIM powder metal materials such as 17-4, 304, 316 Stainless steels. More material capabilities to be added soon. Check out our Design Guide

Polyimide Coated wire for superior dielectric strength and insulation.  Polyimide tubing for superior torquability, and strength.

Flat wire, square wire and special shaped wire in 40 different metals and alloys. This wire is precision made to customer specifications and prints, as well as government and non-government specifications.

Supplying specialty wire applications that are incorporated into intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, intracardiac ablation catheters and systems, intracardiac mapping catheters, cardiac rhythm products, spinal cord stimulators, endoscopic therapeutic devices, and treatment devices for cerebral vascular disease. We have been providing unique wire solutions for medical systems since 1976.

Lubricious coatings to the ID/OD of narrow plastic and metal tubes.  Minimize fluid carryover with ID-coated probes and tubing. Maximize lubricity with ID-coated nitinol or stainless steel hypotubes and coils for neuro-, cardio- and peripheral vascular intervention.  

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