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Machining is a general term that encompasses most operations that remove material from a workpiece.  This can include cutting, boring, drilling, grinding, milling, or turning.  There is a lot of knowledge/experience that goes into choosing the right process and machine to make your part in the most efficient and reproducible manner. 

Our partners have the capital equipment, certifications, experience, and capacity to exceed your expectations on all machining projects.

CNC Machines

Milling centers up to 5-axis

Mill turning centers up to 5-axis

Swiss turning center up to 12-axis

Conventional CNC lathes up to 13-axis

High end wire EDM Gear Hobbing. 


Typical Tolerances:

Features                            Typical Limits                   Extreme Limits

Diameter                              +/- 0.0005″                        +/- 0.0001″

Length                                  +/- 0.001″                           +/- 0.0005″

Profile                                   0.002″                                 0.001″

Position                                0.002″                                 0.001″

Surface finish                      16 Ra                                   4 Ra

Sharp corners                     0.003″                                  0.001″

Wall thickness                     0.005″                                  0.002″

Pocket milling depth          3x to 6x diameter              7x to 10x diameter

Inside fillets                         0.005″                                  0.002"

Our partners are ISO 13485 certified, and FDA registered.  Our machined parts are currently being used as implants, single-use components, manufacturing aids, and capital equipment components.

Other Specific Examples:

Catheter Components - electrode rings, couplers, terminators, guides 

Small implantable devices - TAVR, ASD, filters, anchors

Delivery Components - screws, handles, needles, trocars, sharp tips and edges

Heart Pump components

Battery cases for CRM/Neuro

Orthopedic delivery and implantable components

Robotics components for both platforms and instruments

Much much more

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