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Laser Welding and Sub-Assembly

Gathering your components and assembling them can be both time-consuming and expensive.  Save yourself this headache by letting us provide sub-assemblies.

Our synergy is being able to provide wire, machined, ground, formed, components assembled all requiring only one quotation and requiring just one purchase order.  We have the ability to manage incoming inspection for components and deliver the sub-assembly to customer specifications.

Laser Welding

  • Nitinol, Stainless Steel, Precious Metals, and more

  • Seam, Butt, and Penetration Welds

  • Tip Radius and Ball Tip Formations

  • Spot Welds <0.002"

  • Pull Wire Assembly

  • Add Radioopacity to implants

  • Attaching dissimilar materials - Soldering or Laser welding

Assembly Value-Add

Ways we can take headaches off your desk, reduce risk, consolidate your supply chain. 

  • Provide components for the entire sub-assembly within the Haldeman & Frazier family.

  • Receive and inspect components from other suppliers.

  • Manage the supply chain for the entire sub-assembly.

  • Weld validations via Beam Energy and Pull Testing.

  • Measure and inspect all incoming and outgoing components and assembly

  • Secondary Processes performed and managed - Plating, Coating, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Passivation, Electropolish, Oxide Removal, Abrating, Grinding, Soldering, and much more.

  • All this saves time and money!

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