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3 Key Questions

Through our partner Hoop Medical we provide a wide variety of balloons, ranging from non-compliant (non-stretchy) to ultra-compliant (very stretchy) in all shapes and sizes. We offer many materials like Nylon, PET and PolyUrethanes to meet your custom needs. Our robotic process can be optimised to hit your design-targets like thin walls, high burst-pressures and tight pack-down, giving you a truly custom balloon.

We are set up well to help with all elements of design and development at any stage in our customer's process, prototype to production.

A great way to start the conversation is to think of these three key questions.

1. Shape/Type

2. Material/Compliance

3. Dimensions/Development

1. Shape/Types

What's important to you?

- Wall thickness

- Burst pressure

- Tight pack down

- Shape at specific pressure

- Any combination of these

Balloon Shapes.png

2. Material/Compliance

Non-Compliant Balloons

- Diameter remains mostly constant when inflated to high pressure.  ie. Stent Deployment

Compliant Balloons

- Diameter grows at high pressure

- Controlled radial expansion for multiple target diameters

Ultra-Compliant Balloons

- Significant increase in diameter when inflated.  Highly elastic.

- Lower pressure applications for volume control.


3. Dimensions/Development

A. Balloon Diameter

B. Working Length

C. Proximal Neck Diameter

D. Distal Neck Diameter

E. Double Wall Thickness

- Target Burst Pressure

- Target Volume(s) at Given Pressure

- Timing for first Prototypes

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