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We don't shy away from R&D!

Small orders, Challenging Timelines, Design for Manufacturing, Testing

Our small volume prototyping and lab resources can significantly cut down your iteration cycles, and get you to design freeze sooner.

Processes like stamping, injection molding, machining are fantastic for high volume manufacturing, but are difficult to justify before the design is solidified.

Our partners have dedicated equipment and people to fill this need.

Molding/Plastic Casting

Test your design with a quicker  and less expensive process.

Silicone Molding

  • Metal and Plastic Molds made in house

  • LSR,HCR & RTV Silicones

  • Volumes < 25 in 1-2 weeks

  • Volumes of 100+ possible in 3-4 weeks

Polyurethane plastic casting

  • Cost competitive vs. prototype injection molding

  • Faster and easier to iterate prototypes

  • Volumes > 250 parts in 2 week


We have dedicated machines for prototyping applications.

  • CNC mills, CNC lathes, Swiss.

  • Metal and plastic capability

  • Volumes < 5 parts in 1 week

Machining session-279.jpg

3D Printing

We offer both Metal and Plastic 3D printing services

  • DLP printing for small, precise parts

  • Polyjet printing for medium sized parts

  • FDM for larger sized parts

  • Finishing operations

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