Coils, Springs, Wireforming,

Laser Welding, NiTi, Assembly

Catheter reinforcement, marker coils, NiTi shape-setting, fine wire, micro sizes, and everything in between

Laser Cutting, Medical Device Design

Complex shapes/designs from both tubing and flat stock comprised of many different types of materials.  


Heat Shrink

 Fluoropolymers Etched Liners

Medical Grade extrusions, Fluoropolymers, Etched PTFE Liners, FEP Heat Shrink


NiTi Structures


Polymer Cables

Medical Grade Braiding.  NiTi shape setting and surface treatment.  Implantable Sutures and High Strength Polymer cables.

Medical Contract Manufacturer, Machining 

Precision Machining services.  Swiss, Micro, Milling, Turning, EDM, Robodrill.  

OD, ID, Wire Lubricious Coatings

Fluoropolymer ID and OD coatings. Ultra-thin lubricity, abrasion, chemical, and thermal resistance.

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Washers, Spacers, Shims, Stamping

Washers, Shims, Spacers, Progressive Stamping, Deep Drawing, 

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Needles &

 Suture Attachment

Surgical Needles; Suture/Needle combinations and attachment. Class 10K Clean room assembly.

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Contract Catheter Manufacturing, Reflow

Reflow catheter shafts, Engineering and Design support, Ultrasonic welding, Bonding

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Polyimide, Bare/Coated Wire

Polyimide & Polyimide blended tubing.  Silver plated copper wire. PTFE mandrels. 

Specialty Shaped Wire

Flat wire, square wire and special shaped wire in forty different metals and alloys.