Polymer Sutures and Cables

Don't know what you need

Answers to questions like these help us suggest a place to start.

  • What will this component accomplish?

  • Does it rub against anything?

  • Does it need to have a specific pull strength?

  • What are the space constraints?

  • Does it need to be biocompatible? Implantable?

  • How will it be attached?

  • Does it need to have more than one color?

Our unique offerings

We can also provide braided sutures and cables in your preferred metal or textile

Orion Cables

  • High specific strength that rivals UHMWPE, Vectran® and stainless steel

  • Significantly better creep performance than UHMWPE

  • Easily withstands the extrusion temperatures of 450°F

  • Able to bend around tight radii without permanent deformation

  • Orion does not interfere with imaging techniques

Atlas Sutures

  • Only supplier to offer more than one color – and colors are available in all AtlasFiber products.

  • Superior visibility
    and suture differentiation 

  • Colors: white, red, violet, and blue. Additional colors are in development, and
    unique colors can be explored.

We Can Help

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