Nitinol Services

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Nitinol is one of our specialties

  • Grinding

    • Core Wires, Guide Wires, Mandrels, Tubes​

  • Coiling

    • Down to 0.0007" wire​

  • Welding

    • ​Seam, Butt, Lap, Micro Laser and Spherical Tip Welds.  Radiused Wire Ends, Ball Tip Formations, Weld Validations via Beam Energy Validation and Pull Testing, Spot Weld down to <0.004"

  • Shape Setting

    • Inert gas, Fluidized bed, Salt pot​

  • Oxide Removal, Passivation

    • ASTM 2129.  Removes thermal oxide layer.  Chemically passivates.  No Nickel release.

  • Braiding

    • Up to 288 ends​

    • Down to 0.0005" wire

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