Coils, Springs, Wire Forms

Don't know what you need

Answers to questions like these help us suggest a place to start.

  • What will this component accomplish?

  • Does it have to be flexible? Rigid?

  • Does it need to have a specific compression/extension/torsion value?

  • What are the space constraints?

  • Does it need to be biocompatible? Implantable?

  • Does it need to be visible under fluoroscopy?

  • Is it attached to something else? How?

Know what you need

Answer these questions and we can quote your part.


  • Material

  • Wire Size

  • Wire Shape

  • Inner Diameter (ID)

  • Outer Diameter (OD)

  • Overall Length

  • Pitch

  • End Condition (Closed, Open, Ground flat, etc.)

  • Coil Count/Active coils

  • Key tolerances


  • Coatings

  • ElectroPolish/Oxide removal/passivation​

  • Heat Treatment

  • Shape set

  • Ground OD

  • Rounded ends or edges

  • Laser weld to larger assembly

We Can Help

Have a drawing or napkin sketch already? Feel free to e-mail it directly to the representative in your region. 


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